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Windows XP, Vista

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MyPersonalSubmitter 2.4

Auto Website Submitter


MyPersonalSubmitter acts exactly as you

  • It navigates to the right submission page.
  • It fill in required information (url, title, email,...).
  • It "clicks" on the Submit button.

There is no difference between a submission made by a real person and a submission made by MyPersonalSubmitter, except the time ! Thanks to the "Automatic Mode", MyPersonalSubmitter can launch up to 10 simultaneous submissions.

3 Submission Modes

  • Automatic Mode
  • Captcha Mode
  • Manual Mode

As far as no manual filling is required , you can use the Automatic Mode.

In most submissions, over 500 submissions are fully automatic.
But some directory need at least a manual action : a code is required, no matching category was founded, or submission processes in several steps...
If only a captcha code is required, submission can be done within Captcha Submission. You enter the code, click and the submission will process, and you are automatically invited to enter a new code for the next directory. It is very fast ! In other cases, if other actions are required (in case of no matching category), on can use Manual Mode. But each time, Mypersonalsubmitter will try to fill in forms. MyPersonalSubmitter minimize the time of submission.

Powerful and innovative management of categories

  • User words
  • Main categories

Choosing the right category is crucial. Submitting in deep categories increases your chance to be accepted, and your chance to be listed with better rank, in related content page. Most of directories deny submission in top categories.
MyPersonalSubmitter allows you to enter your own words and to select an higer level category. If no matching categories with your words exists, Mypersonalsubmitter tries to find category with an higher level (selected as main category). If several categories match with your user words, MyPersonalSubmitter chooses a category which is a subcategory of your main category.
Take us an example. You submit a site about books for children. Books category may appear several times as asubcategory of Arts, Shopping, Children,...but "Books for children" does not exist. In this case, Mypersonalsubmitter will choose "Books"as subcategory of Children.


  • Backlinks management
  • Automatic creation of a backlinks pages

Backlinks or reciprocal links are links you may have to insert in a page of your site in exchange of the insertion of your url. Some directories require such a link, but it can be just optional.
MyPersonalSubmitter lets you choose to or not backlinks. If you decide to authorize them, MyPersonalSubmitter proposes you to create an html page with all backlinks. You will have just to copy it in your site, and to indicate its url in before launching a submission.

Reporting (only full version)

  • Response of servers
  • Reporting

MyPersonalSubmitter analyzes the response of directories. In that way you can be sure your site has been accepted. You can also edit a report with all submission results.


  • Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Framework 2.0